The Receptionist by Jenny Lu @ Raindance Film Festival

I was the ensemble acting coach on this film and they were a great ensemble indeed.

The current economic situation in the UK forces many people to seek work in businesses operating beyond the boundaries of law. Tina, a recent university graduate, starts working as a receptionist in a brothel run by the ruthless Lily. The escorts working for her, Sasa and Mei, need money for very different reasons but are equally committed to their jobs and, even more, their wages. Soon the Tina understands how money makes the world go round, but is it worth all the pain it creates, will it fill the void?
The Receptionist is a grim and all-too-real tale of disadvantaged immigrants trying to make a living by any means necessary. The escorts work and live in a dark, claustrophobic house on the outskirts of London, a city known to them only by name, an outside world that exists only beyond the brothel walls, unreachable to them. The Receptionist is a marvelous example of modern social realism cinema where the audience cares and fears for the protagonists from the first shot till the credits roll, and everyone is left with questions which only they themselves can answer.
Adam Samuel Court