PoP turns 10: Celebrating the Popular, Practising the Urban - London Conference

Less than three weeks to go until PoP turns 10: Celebrating the Popular, Practising the Urban. 

Registration closes on Sunday 12th November.

As part of their ten-year anniversary celebrations, The PoP [Performances of the Popular] Moves committee, in partnership with the CPAD research group at the University of East London, invites you to our annual conference.

PoP turns 10: Celebrating the Popular, Practising the Urban
Saturday, 18th November 2017, 09:45-18:00
University of East London, Stratford, London, U.K

The conference engages with intersections between popular practices and the Urban: the city as a space where culture is created, represented and disputed.


Keynote: ‘Urban Choreographies. The Power of the Aesthetic’
Professor Gabriele Klein, University of Hamburg


Speakers include:

“MAKE MY SKIN: Intimate Regeneration of the City”
Oriana Haddad, Embodimenta

Somaesthetics, Rhythm Tap and Populism – Urban Jungle
Dr. Christina Lovey, The Women's Rhythm Tap Collective

"Mazurka in the Atlantic region - from rural Polish folk dance to trans-continental urban popular phenomenon?" Stephanie Alisch, Humboldt University Berlin

The Uploading Movement(s): Understanding the Relevance of Black Lives Matter through Viral Dance
Angelica-Rose Gonzales, University of Roehampton

Flash mobs, Remixed:‘nationalising the global’ in Indian popular performance
Becca Savory Fuller, University of Exeter, with the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore.

From Globeleza to Karol Conka: Retracing Black Dancing Bodies in Brazil’s Mainstream Media since the Country’s Redemocratization
Dr. Cristina F. Rosa, University of Roehampton        

Urbanising body in Japan: Popular dancehall culture in the early twentieth century
Dr. Yuiko Asaba, Royal Holloway, University of London

Danced dialogues: spaces of exchange in a northern barrio of Quito, Ecuador
Dr. Sofie Narbed, Royal Holloway, University of London

Moving Politically: Urban gentrification and Hip Hop Dance Theatre
Paul Sadot, University of Chichester

From the Popular to the Avant-Garde: Jerome Robbins’ Ballets: USA ‘Keepin’ it Cool’
Dr. Stacey Prickett, University of Roehampton

Collegiality and the Crew: Fixing ‘Broken Britain’ through Ashley Banjo’s Big Town Dance (2014)
Dr. Laura Robinson, University of East London

“Welcome to Las Vegas”: Architexture of Urban Liminality in So You Think You Can Dance and Step Up: All In
Dr. Elena Benthaus, University of Melbourne

Toyi-Toying: South Africa’s Popular Dance of Protest in Townships, Suburbs, and Shopping Malls
Dr. Sarahleigh Castelyn, University of East London               

Queer Tango London: Does Integrating Queer Urban Dance Spaces mean Disintegration?
Dr. Ray Batchelor

“Titos of Manila: Queering Hip Hop Spaces in Manila”
Dr. J. Lorenzo Perillo, University of Illinois at Chicago

The conference will also host the Society of Dance Research AGM.


Registration is essential for the conference. Please register at link below



Society of Dance Research members: Free*    Students/Unwaged: £20      Full ticket price: £40

*Please note that if choosing the Society of Dance Research (SDR) ticket option that all ticket holders will need to be signed up members to the society.