Douglas McPherson: A critic's plea: stop all arts funding now

Had to post this clumsily written and ill informed rant from the Telegraph critic. His previous articles for the paper include 'Why we should have animals in the circus' where he uses arguments such as 'the animals enjoy it' and 'children love to see animals in the circus'. In this one he makes general observations that include:

"You don’t need a grant to write a West End smash. You just need talent, dedication and something worth saying."

and he goes on to highlight his shallow grasp of socio-economic conditions and privilege in the UK, saying that: 

"Historically, many great talents have come from impoverished backgrounds without any government help and achieved fame and fortune in a commercial world that rewards artists for what they can do rather than where they come from."

It would be too easy to unpick this rant and I have more productive things to do with my time. You can read the rest of it via the link.