Alistair Spalding: 2013 article recognising the technical virtuosity of hip hop dancers

 "In today’s increasingly diversified dance world, it is likely that the next Nijinsky or Nureyev will not come from ballet but from hip-hop or tango"

"arguably the dance form of the future, hip-hop dance theatre"

It is interesting to read some of the prejudice and uniformed replies to the article, reflecting the high art/low art paradigm that exists through the perpetuation of the Western Art Canon. Here is one example:

"I am pleased that the "serious" end of culture and dance in the UK takes up modern music, but I have my doubts that hip hop is the way to go for ballet . What seems like agility can when looked at more closely seem a lot clumsier than ballet might require, and crucially, hip hop artists lack the years of discipline and training needed for ballet . Nor do Iwish to see ballet politicised . Whatever next? Swan Lake with machine" 
guns?"  LUCINDA, Jul 13, 2013

If you want to read more of the article or comments, I have linked the source below.