Grenfell Towers: Red Cross and government corruption and neglect

I am sharing this information and message on my research pages because of its utmost importance. Research and academia cannot and should not dislocate itself from politics and humanity:

"I know this video share is late but it must be said again. The £millions raised by the nation is not reaching Grenfell Fire survivors and relatives. I have heard this too often - survivors with no shoes, not being fed, they are evicted from spaces of respite in the early hours of the morning, the Red Cross is intercepting Grenfell bound survivor donation vans to sell off YOUR donations else where... I do not have time for good intentions for conscience appeasing feel good factor. We must be fully awake to what is happening with Grenfell else we will never comprehend the full extent of the neglect and deception this government is capable of. We must check where we are being conned.

That aside, an outcry about this injustice will hasten Justice, and set precedent in the annuls of UK history documenting moments of community organisation, care and mobilisation.

We must find out what is really going on on the ground and share information like this repeatedly. Repeatedly. Repeatedly, because the misinformation the mainstream media keeps feeding us transmutes into devastating and treacherous politics, not simple manufactured untruths. It is deadly.

Please Share.



Pops Mohamed