Recent Work

Creator-Dramaturg: BLOCK - DDT Project
Arts Council funded dance/theatre research and development project. Investigating processes of displacement, social loss, OCD and gentrification. Working with hip hop dance artists in the space of UK theatre.

Acting Coach:  
Uncanny Films,
The Receptionist Director Jenny Lu, London

Actor: Paramount Pictures
Hunters Prayer, Director Jonathan Moscow, UK

Dramaturg: DASS 2014, Royal Academy of Dance, London                                                            
A Dance Theatre Laboratory residency with the Russian Contemporary Dance Academy

Actor: Wildgrass Films
Long Forgotten Fields Director John Stanford, UK

Dramaturg/Choreographer: New Manoeuvres. 
‘Not Waving’ at the GOlive Festival, Lion and Unicorn, London

Dance Dramaturg: Passion & Purpose.
‘S.T.U.P.I.D’ at the Chelsea Theatre, London

Dance Dramaturg: Crimson Grae & the Rovers.
‘Re: Redrum’ at Dance City, Newcastle upon Tyne and Breakin’ Convention, London

Guest Mentor: Breakin’ Convention - Open Art Surgery.
A dance research programme headed by Sadler’s Well. Assisting artistic director, Jonzi D
Birmingham, Doncaster and London

Choreographer/Acting Coach: Stubborn Heart Productions
 ‘Northern Soul’ a film by Elaine Constantine (Universal 2014)
 BAFTA nominated and NME winner, Best New Film, 2015

Dramaturg/Choreographer: New Manoeuvres.
Carcharodon a dance for film, Cambridge


A Brief View of Past Work

Artistic Director: Dance Offensive, Cambridge
Training emerging young performers, including young offenders and at-risk groups, through an extensive developmental programme. Devising and choreographing shows, fusing theatre, dance and film. Winner of two Youth Justice Awards.

“It's experiments such as these, which break with convention in order to explore the stage, that keep the festival ahead of the game.”  Sanjoy Roy- Guardian 2010 (Breakin' Convention)

“The most serious minded work came from Cambridgeshire based company dance offensive. In a thoughtful, clever blend of movement and text.”   Donald Hutera -  Times 2011 (Breakin' Convention)

Actor: BBC Films
The Miners Strike, Director Steve Condie (Mike)

 Warp Films

Dead Man's Shoes'  Director Shane Meadows (Tuff)

: Red Shift Theatre Company
The Legend of King Arthur, Director Jonathan Holloway

Urban Expansions Limited
 ‘Once Upon a Time in Wigan’, a play about Northern Soul, politics and life.
A collaboration with Contact Theatre and West Yorkshire Playhouse. Written (under commission by Urban Expansions Limited) by Mick Martin
Nominated for three MEN theatre awards and BBC (Manchester) Best New Writing Award.

“Once Upon A Time In Wigan is one of the best new plays to hit the stage in a long time and deserves to have ‘em queuing like they used to outside the Wigan Casino”  Glenn Meads - Whats On Stage 2003

“Drama lovers can admire the soul of Paul Sadot’s sharply observed production” Alfred Hickling - Guardian 2003

Lead Choreographer/Producer: 
Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.
For the specialist stages: Breaking, Bhangra, Capoeira and Street Dance

Lead Dancer: Ocean Colour Scene, 'July' (Film)

1999 -2000 
Performer: Volcano Theatre Company
Moments Of Madness by Paul Davies, Director Fern Smith, UK Tour.

Performer: Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds
Trafford Tanzi by Claire Luckham, Director Fern Smith, (Dad) UK Tour

Millstream Theatre Company
Adventures In A West Yorkshire Landscape by Mick Martin, Director Chris Masters, UK Tour

Performer: Laboratory Theatre of Manipur
Macbeth Stage Of Blood, Director Lokendra Arambam, Watermans Arts Centre, London

1997- ongoing:
Capoeira Norte (Professor Tijolo),
Training under Master Sombra, Associação de Capoeira Senzala, Santos since 1988.
Introducing Capoeira to the Midlands and North of England, establishing schools at Leeds University, Manchester University and Birmingham Dance Xchange.
Teaching in Europe, Australia, Brasil, Singapore and Russia.
The first Capoeira practitioner in the UK to transcribe the movements of Capoeira into a hybridized and integrated performance context for dancers. Working with Kokuma, ACE, Red Shift, Ludus, Volcano, Nike and others.

Capoeira Instructor: 
 Vandekeybus and Ultima Vez, Belgium
A week long residency working with the company dancers.

Actor: Peta Lily and NTC
The Porters Daughter by Peta Lily (Witch, Serving Boy, MacBeth), UK Tour

Director: House Theatre Company
The Immigrants Song by Mick Martin, Bradford Alhambra.

Action Theatre Company, Singapore
'Six Lonely Oysters' by Ovidia Yu
Re-staged in 1996. Singapore Times best new play award 1996.

“Side splitting humour, fast moving and stimulating”  ChristineKhor - Business Times  

Actor: House Theatre Company
On A Stone Bridge by Mick Martin, Director Mike Sherwood, (Pank) UK Tour