The offshore voice and corporate bias of Laura Kuenssberg

Some biographical information to get the perspective of this extremely biased reporters views, and so-called analysis, in perspective.

"Laura was born in Italy in 1976 as that is where her father Nicholas Kuenssberg OBE was based with a global clothes manufacturer Coats Paton. Nick Kuenssberg had been employed by Coats Paton since 1965, spending much of that time working in South America. Whilst in Peru during the late 1960's, Mr Kuenssberg became renowned as a shrewed capitalist. When the government enacted laws to allow for the financial protection and reimbursement of employees in the entirety of Peru, Kuenssberg found a legal way around the reforms so that all of the employees in his company we're exempt from these privileges. This was a time of sweatshops in the textile industries and Nicholas Kuenssberg helped to deny rights to his employees. When you study the time line of Coats Patons factories opening globally it's not hard to see this was a capitalist machine. Coats Paton moved from countries as they reformed their labour markets and set up new textile looms in poorer developing countries, to take advantage of the weaker legal systems and lower wages. Now known as Coats PLC, this textile firm set up manufacturing sites in India, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil, The Philippines, Venezuela, Pakistan and Turkey to name a few. At the time many of these countries were unstable due to CIA supported activities to topple unwanted leaders and replace them with leaders who would create the best environment for multinational corporations." - (re-posted by me)

Kuenssberg's family history illuminates her current position as the state sanctioned voice of corporate interests: tax avoidance, privatisation, gentrification, social cleansing etc. Her analysis of the Labour Manifesto is truly embarrassing to read because it displays, in all aspects, her corporate (offshore) bias. We should not even re-post it and allow her anymore room to exercise her own, and the BBC's, biased opinions.