Askance? Oblique Conference 2017: A Critical Inquiry into practice-based Research

A call for proposals for this conference:

Sheffield Hallam University, UK
31st March 2017

Visibility within practice-based research and artistic practice is an emergent discourse. It is central to the shaping of political, ethical and socio-economic concerns, in culture and within the subcultures it informs. Visibility within practice-based research can expose and question visual hierarchies, authority, authorship, the politics of technology, balances of power and representation or prompt dissent. Here, visibility is a concept that we have adapted and extended from the philosophies of Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze, where it shifts from a quality; of visibility, to an entity; the visibility. The concept of visibility generates a dual arrangement: of what can be seen operating with what cannot be seen. Our understanding of visibility provides a broad contemporary framework founded in the histories of post-colonialism and feminism.

We will examine the many dialogues which incorporate themes of visibility within art, visual practice and participatory practice to prompt a discussion between multiple disciplines. Artwork that incorporates documentation expands the making process into one that could involve broader considerations, such as gaining access, subject matter, permissions, negotiating authorship, representation and use of technology or technique. This dynamic thematic will enable new perspectives on the conditions of practice based research.

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