September 2015 - January 2016

A DDT (Dance Dramaturgy Turbulence) Project

Displacement, balance, obsession, social loss, gentrification, hip hop dancers, disorder, in the space of theatre, imbalance, community, compulsion, beneath the modern day precipices, rubble and memory…Turbulence. 

BLOCK is a DDT research and development project. It is inspired and informed by engaged research into the effects of displacement and social loss on mental health and community: exploring a territory that comments on the modern day precipices that many individuals and communities balance upon.

DDT (Dance, Dramaturgy Turbulence) is an ongoing research project led by dance dramaturg Paul Sadot in collaboration with a scenographer, a poet, a blogger and hip hop dancers in the space of theatre

Collaborating Artists
Joshua Nash (Far From the Norm, The Company)
Christina Dion (The Company)
Jordan James Douglas (Far From the Norm, The Company)
Lisa Rowley (Tavaziva, Joss Arnott)
Xristina Penna
Text and Sound: Martin Stannage (aka Visceral)
Blogger: Leonie Kate Higgins  
Dramaturg: Paul Sadot

READ the blog here:

Showing the work at:
Cambridge Junction - November 16th, 2015         
University of Chichester - January 18th, 2016
Dance East Ipswich - January 20th, 2016
Manchester Contact - January 21st, 2016